Writing About Writing: A glimpse into our process.

For me, one of the hardest things to do is to write about writing. I love to write, that’s why I’ve made it my business and I assume you must be somewhat interested in writing, that’s why you’re reading this.  The reason why writing about writing is so difficult for me, is that as a […]

You’re Never Too Young To Start Writing!

A look into the benefits of writing at an early age Recently, we here at The Write Note have begun working on a project that we all believe in wholeheartedly, mostly because it strikes close to home for us. We all began reading at an early age, which led to an early exploration into the […]

Want to become a better writer? Become a better reader first!

I learnt how to read at the age of 3.  All those months of carrying around my Ladybird and Puffin picture books begging my parents, uncles and other assorted adults to read to me finally paid off.  Since then, I have always loved books and reading.   At one point in time, I was obsessed.  I […]


By Kunle Popoola Recently I sat down at my computer, and opened up a novel that I have been working on for a very long time – almost ten years, actually. It started like most of my stories do: as a wild, fleeting idea, something that just popped into my head randomly and made me […]